7 Benefits of Growing Old

Ageing is a natural and unavoidable process. As they get older, many people tend to focus on the negatives, concentrating on what they can’t do, rather than what they can. At Essential Mobility, we want to celebrate ageing and all the great things that come with it. Here are seven benefits of growing old.

A Happier Outlook

Studies often reveal that the over 60s are among the happiest age groups, regularly scoring far higher than those who are middle-aged. What is the reason for this sunny outlook?

Scientists and psychologists believe it is down to a wide range of factors, often referencing that by the time people reach their sixties, they are more willing to let go of the things that once bothered them. Gone are the anxieties and worries of what others think of them to be replaced by feeling content and more carefree. Growing older also tends to come with a new set of priorities as people are more conscious of the value of friends, family and goals.


Seeing your children or grandchildren grow up is one of life’s priceless treasures. Grandparents get to enjoy spending time with and looking after their grandchildren, often without the sleepless nights and nappy changes! If you have limited mobility, take a look at our range of TGA folding mobility scooters to help you keep up with the little ones.

Grandparent gardening with grandchildren


Life experience can contribute highly to wisdom, and studies also show that older brains are more sufficient at problem-solving. Life teaches all sorts of valuable lessons, and older people are in a fantastic position to teach and advise the younger generations. Take a look at our tips to help keep your brain healthy in later life.

Fewer Headaches

Interestingly, those who suffer from headaches or migraines are likely to experience less of them in later life. One study that examined 374 migraine sufferers over a 12-year period showed a dramatic decrease in the number of migraines experienced by the participants at the end of the 12 years:
· 80% reported fewer migraines.
· 55% reported significantly less duration of migraines.
· 66% reported that the pain intensity had decreased.
· Only 1% reported their migraines becoming more frequent.

Reduced Allergies

Those who suffer from certain allergies will be pleased to hear that symptoms tend to decrease with age. As a general rule, when people age, their immune systems get weaker, meaning the body responds less to allergens.

Reactions to allergies have an interesting cycle according to Mitchell Grayson from the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin; allergic diseases tend to peak in childhood and again in the 30s, by the 50s and 60s they seem to get less common.

More Free Time

With retirement comes an increased amount of free time to do lots of great things. Many people use their retirement as an opportunity to spend time with loved ones, travel or start a new hobby. If you’re stuck for inspiration, many communities offer clubs and workshops for seniors which can be found either online or at your local community centre.

Family sat outside with wheelchair

Senior Discounts

From a free bus pass to discounts at the cinema, the over 60s are entitled to a wide variety of financial leeway. According to the Which? guide, the following companies offer financial concessions for people over 60:
· Specsavers – free eye testing and 25% off lenses and glasses.
· Empire, Odeon, Showcase and Vue cinemas all hold silver screenings at discounted prices, check individually for times and prices.
· The National Theatre – discounts for midweek matinees.
· The Royal Shakespeare Company – 20% off Monday and Tuesday evenings and midweek matinees.
· The National Trust – 25% off membership for access to more than 500 National Trust sites.
· National Rail – offers the senior railcard which gives one-third of rail travel at the cost of £30 per year.

Take a look at the guide here for further information.

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Adjusting To Life With A Mobility Scooter

If your ability to walk reasonable distances is deteriorating, you might be considering a mobility scooter. Using this aid can help you get your life back. You regain some independence, meaning you can participate in activities that you may not have previously been able to. However, going from no assistance to using a mobility scooter can be daunting. So, to help with this period of change, we have put together some top tips on how to adapt to life with a mobility scooter.

a person using a mobility scooter in a park

Ensure Your Home Is Ready for The New Addition

You may or may not require your mobility scooter when in the comfort of your own home. If you only have limited ability to move while you are at home, this could be an excellent chance to walk short distances, to ensure you keep physically active. However, if you do require support at all times, you need to make sure that your home is suitable for your mobility scooter. Some homes are built with wider doorways and entrances, but if your house wasn’t, you will likely need to get them extended. With this extra space, you will be able to move more freely around the property, without having to worry about hitting or knocking anything over. Furthermore, if your property is slightly raised, you will require a ramp so that you can access your home with ease.

Independence is key! So, when it comes to the bathroom, you want to ensure that you have all the assistance you need. Having the correct facilities will allow you to gain that freedom once again and need no one but yourself. Sturdy grab bars are essential in the bathroom. These can help you move from your scooter and around the room with ease. Slipmats are especially important in the bathroom to avoid any accidents because the floor can, at times, get wet and therefore create a hazard. Additional adjustments would include increasing the height of the toilet and also removing the vanity from underneath the sink. These changes will allow you to use the bathroom more freely.

disabled access bathroom facility

The same suggestions apply for both the kitchen and bedroom. First and foremost, make sure that the items you want regular access to are stored in the lower cupboards and drawers. It is also useful to remove cupboard doors to avoid any restricted access. Although rugs and mats look nice, they can obstruct movement when using a mobility scooter; it is best to remove these to ensure you can move around effortlessly. For further information on how to adapt your home, check out our blog on mobility aids to consider for your home.

Keep Yourself Active

When you are limited with movement, it can be tough to remain active. However, don’t think that because you are restricted to a chair that you can’t do some physical activity! It is essential to try and do a little bit of exercise every day to keep yourself moving. Doing this will help avoid any aches or pains. Staying in one position every day can leave your body feeling still, especially your neck, as you are sat continuously upright. A way to avoid this is to do some chin to neck exercise; a simple movement that can relieve any tension in the neck. Your shoulders too can get uncomfortable from lack of mobility so to loosen them up, do some shoulder rolls. You want to sit upright in your chair, raise your shoulders and slowly roll them in a backwards motion; the goal is to perform a circle. To focus on loosening the lower body, raise one leg at a time and perform small circular motions with your foot. A few circles with each foot can help with any tension in your lower legs. Complete these exercises daily, and you should feel less discomfort. Therefore, enjoying using your scooter more!

a mobility scooter plugged in to charge

You Don’t Need to Worry

Gauging the width and speed of your scooter can be daunting, so here are some tips on how to stay safe. Firstly, ensure the battery is always fully charged; this is to avoid any cut outs while out in public. Secondly, practice makes perfect, so do a few laps around your local area to get used to the sensitivity of the scooter and also the width of it. Learning the size of the scooter can be one of the toughest challenges, so it’s great to get some practice in! To make travelling easier, consider purchasing a high-quality mobility scooter; they can move on multiple terrains effortlessly and are more comfortable.

Here at Essential Mobility, we have a wide variety of mobility scooters that you can either hire or buy. Start your journey to independence and freedom by checking out our range today to find your perfect match!

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