Top Tips to Keep You Warm this Winter

The weather outside may be starting to get a little chillier, but that shouldn’t stop you getting out and about in the winter months. We have put together some top tips for keeping warm when venturing out, or even staying in, during the winter.

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Layer Up

Rather than just wearing one thick layer, like a big jumper, it is better to wear several thin layers of clothing, as they help trap the warm air close to your body and keep you warmer for longer. Also, when out and about in windy weather it is important to layer up, so you are less exposed to the cold. Go for material made of wool or fleece, as they will keep you warmest.

Cosy Feet

It is sometimes said having warm feet keeps the rest of you warm, so it is important to keep your feet as cosy as the rest of you, especially if you are not using them when getting around with a mobility scooter. Invest in some thermal socks, and sturdy footwear when outdoors, and have some cosy slippers and some fluffy socks for when you are at home. The air is coolest at ground level, so getting a footstool is good so you can keep your feet away from the floor and keep them toasty.

Hats, Scarves and Gloves

Most of our body heat is lost through the head and neck, so a hat and scarf are essentials you shouldn’t leave home without. Scarves should also be able to wrap around your lower face too, as when it is icy cold, it helps warm the air you are breathing to prevent a nasty shock to your lungs when breathing in. When it comes to gloves, mittens are sometimes better at keeping your hands warm, but they are not as dexterous. Also, if you are feeling cold at home, you can pop a hat or scarf on indoors!

Blankets and Shawls

Sitting down and not moving means you get colder quicker, so a blanket or shawl is needed to keep you snug, even when heading outdoors. You can get blankets that are slightly waterproof for using in wheelchairs and mobility scooters outdoors, but at home, a big cosy blanket or shawl you can easily wrap around you will be sufficient.


When heading to bed, you may want to put on some thermal underwear or bed socks, which will help you keep you warm through the night. A soft hat or cap might also be needed, as your head is the most exposed to the cold. A hot water bottle is a simple but effective way of keeping warm in the evening and in bed too – get one with a fluffy cover for extra snugness!

Hot Food and Drinks

After being outdoors in the cold, there is nothing which will warm you up quicker than some hot food or drink. A carb-rich and slow energy release meal, such as porridge, soup or stew are recommended, as your body will warm up as it burns off the food. When outdoors, having a warm drink in a Thermos flask is an excellent idea, as it can keep you warm when you’re on the go.

Make sure you follow these top tips to stay warm if you are feeling chilly this winter or if you’re planning on going out in the cold in one of our high quality mobility scooters.

5 Winter Safety Tips for the Elderly

As the days are getting shorter and the temperature continues to drop, the pleasant summer months seem far behind us and hats, gloves and scarves are here to stay for the season.

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The arrival of the winter months brings an array of challenges and difficulties, all of which can be avoided, with careful planning, thought and consideration of the following safety tips.


Slips and trips

As the nights draw in sooner, the amount of daylight is reduced, this can make visibility much poorer than usual. Try to be extra diligent while you are out and about during the dark evenings. Take care and try to stick to routes and paths you know well. By doing this, you are likely to reduce the chance of any accidental trips.


Recent winters in the UK have been much milder than expected, but, often there has still been a blanket of ice for individuals to wake up to. One of the most common injuries amongst the elderly at this time of year is slips on mud and ice on paths or roads. If you do have to go outdoors during the cold weather, take your time and wear footwear with good quality grip. If you are using your all terrain mobility scooter, take the journey a little slower and stick to paths and roads that have been gritted.



Don’t let the sunshine deceive you into thinking it is warm outside and always been prepared for the cold weather. If you’re going outdoors during the winter, wrap up using layers. Layers are beneficial as not only do they keep you warm, you can gradually remove each layer as and when you heat up. Not only should you wrap up while you’re outdoors, you should also ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing when you go to bed; with full-length pyjamas and thick socks, you should stay toasty all night!


Winter Blues

Many of us, both young and old suffer from the winter blues. To prevent them setting in, head outdoors while the sun is shining to top up on your vitamin D, meet your friends or family, play games, listen to music or exercise. Although these tasks may seem simple, they can help to maintain and boost your mood.



The festive season is often a time for over-indulgence, but, during your senior years it is even more important to ensure your diet is balanced and nutritious. Try not to eat too many sugar laden treats and aim to have at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. For the ultimate winter comfort food, why not made yourself a delicious homemade casserole or soup? They taste great and can be made using a range of fresh and nourishing ingredients.



While the first few tips were about keeping yourself safe, the final, yet equally as important tip is about ensuring your appliances are in full working order for the winter ahead. Central heating, gas fires and heaters are used most during the colder months, for peace of mind be sure to check they are still functional after being out of action during the summer. This allows you enough time to make any necessary repairs or hire a specialist to service your appliances before the winter sets in.


Have we missed any important winter safety tips for the elderly? We would love to know how you prepare for the cold months ahead, share your ideas with us via our social media channels.