The Benefits of Using a Mobility Scooter

There are many reasons why you may need a mobility scooter and using them can have a huge effect on your life. It allows you to get out and about and rely less on carers doing small tasks for you and gives you peace of mind as you know you are in safe hands when using high-quality mobility scooters.

Mobility scooter being charged

Simple to Operate

Mobility scooters are easy to operate and manoeuvre, wherever you wish to use them, especially when you hire an all-terrain scooter. They can also be securely locked when you leave it, and also have chargeable batteries which can be charged up between use in the comfort of your own home. Be sure not to overcharge, however, as this causes a gradual decrease in power.

Increased Independence

Mobility scooters are great for people who tire easily and being a vehicle that allows you to get out and about without the need of an assistant or carer, having one certainly appeals to many people. The mental health benefits of using a mobility scooter are great, as knowing you have a certain amount of independence can have a great effect on your social life and how you see yourself.

A Scooter for Every Need

Everyone is different, and so everyone has different requirements, especially when it comes to mobility scooters. We have a range of scooters, from portable to large, which can you choose from depending on what your needs are. Portable scooters are lightweight and great for everyday use such as popping out to the shops for groceries. Medium scooters are designed for longer journeys and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, even on rough terrain. Large scooters are the most comfortable on the market and have lights, indicators and mirrors, though do require a license to use.

Increase Accessibility

More and more shopping centres and public spaces are improving accessibility, which means accessibility is easier for people using a mobility scooter. Using a scooter out in public gives you freedom, and is another way to build up your independence.

Injury Prevention

Whether you are older or just don’t have the physical strength, falls that cause serious injuries such as broken bones become a real risk. With the aid of a mobility scooter, chances of fall-related injuries are decreased. And if you are recovering from a fall, a mobility scooter limits the physical exertion of moving around yet also keeps you doing regular things you would normally do.

Services at Essential Mobility

If you have long-term need for a mobility scooter, you can buy one that will suit your needs from us. But if you only need a mobility scooter in the short term, due to recovery or similar, you can hire a scooter from us. We also hire out other mobility aids, such as a wheelchair, riser and recliner chairs and daily living aids. Get in touch with us today to see what we can provide you.

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