How to Stop Mobility Scooter Theft

Mobility scooter theft has been on the rise in the UK in recent years, so it is increasingly important to ensure that your mobility scooter is stored securely when not in use.

Having a mobility scooter stolen is a particularly upsetting experience for those with mobility issues, as not only is it a monetary loss, but it has the potential to leave someone housebound. We take a look at some of the ways you can ensure your mobility scooter is safe from theft.


Choose a Scooter With an Ignition Key

There are different kinds of mobility scooter – some need a key to start, whereas others can be started with the push of a button. Button-start scooters will be far easier for thieves to start and steal, so if you are choosing a mobility scooter, make sure it is one with an ignition key start.

Fit a Scooter Alarm

Scooter alarms can be easily fitted to a mobility scooter and will make a loud noise if someone sits on or tries to move the scooter without the alarm being disabled. Such loud noises often draw attention and can dissuade a thief from stealing the scooter.


Wheel Lock

Most mobility scooters are built to have a freewheel setting, which allows you to push or pull the mobility scooter with ease. This can be useful for the user, as it allows you to move your scooter into position very easily when you try to put it away or park it. However, it also means that it can be easy for someone to steal the scooter.


bike lock

Install a Wheel Lock or Clamp

To stop thieves being able to wheel your scooter away, you can add a wheel lock or clamp to one of the wheels when you are not using it. Alternatively, most mobility scooters will have wheels that are large enough to thread a bicycle lock through, so the scooter can be securely attached to a lamppost or fence.



Keeping your mobility scooter out of sight is necessary to ensure its safety from theft. At the very least, you should protect your scooter with a cover, so it cannot be identified as a scooter so easily by passers-by. It would be beneficial to store your scooter in a shed, garage, conservatory or within an entrance hall, where it can be kept more securely.

Consider Renting a Mobility Scooter

If you don’t have anywhere safe and secure to store your mobility scooter and are worried about it being stolen, then you could consider renting a mobility scooter when you need it instead. Here at Essential Mobility, we can deliver high-quality mobility scooters directly to you, when needed.


Hire a Mobility Scooter


Register Your Mobility Scooter

While this won’t stop the theft of a mobility scooter, it can help to increase the chance of you seeing it returned if it is stolen. The National Federation of Shopmobility has a National Mobility Register, where you can register your scooter for £35. If it is found, the police can use this register to return your scooter to you.


Get Insurance

If you have purchased a mobility scooter, then it is important that your insurance policy covers it, and its potential theft. Double-check the terms and conditions of your policy to make sure your mobility scooter and theft are covered.

Mobility Scooter Insurance

It is also possible to get insurance specific to mobility scooters, which can cover things like breakdowns and lost keys also.


If you need assistance with making your mobility scooter safe from theft, then seek the advice of an industry professional, who will be able to suggest the best devices and options to suit your scooter and needs.


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