Celebrate the amazing things to be produced, grown, raised and created in Devon

Devon County Show is a fun packed long weekend that offers an experience like no other. Don’t miss out on the action, hire yourself an all terrain mobility scooter so you can go and enjoy yourself. From the 18th-20th May at Westpoint near Exeter there will be a range of interesting exhibits and some of the best, delicious local produce.

lamb in a field in Devon


Are you bored of the high-street shops not giving you enough choice or unique items for gifts or for yourself? Then the Devon County Show is the place to stock up. With many stalls selling handmade and bespoke, beautiful items, it is a shopper’s haven. Pieces have been lovingly stitched, carved, knitted, arranged, dyed, decorated, thrown, upholstered, whittled and much more – creating stunning items.


There are many demonstrations that take place over the three days; they will give you an insight and indication into the skill, time and hard work gone into some of the crafts you will be able to see. From weaving, spinning to lace making, many of the skills aren’t as common as they used to be and will be brought back to life at the show.

Plants and Flowers

Show stopping garden arrangements, the finest example of locally grown flowers, filling the area with floral smells and a rainbow of vibrant colours, outstanding floral arrangements and competitions for the best in show. An explosion of the senses as soon as you walk into the marquee.

Steam engines and tractors

Meet the enthusiasts who so passionately maintain and ensure that these historical machines are in working order and polished to perfection. Admire the old mechanics and functioning of the tractors and engines that are now rarely seen but are rightly so, celebrated.

Devon Beekeepers’

Keeping with all things local, the Devon Beekeepers’ offer visitors the change to witness a working hive through a glass observation. You’ll be able to see the workers busy making the cells of honeycomb and enjoy the benefits of their hard work. Taste some of the sumptuous honey, smell the wax and feel the softness of the hand creams. The keepers are also nearby for any questions you may have about them.

Animal Displays

There is claimed to be over 4000 animals to be entered in the various competitions which will be taking place over the three days, most of which are some of the finest bread, finest fed and finest example of their species. Whether you are a specialist in the field or a complete novice, the appreciation of the animals will be equal. They’re not the average dairy cow or sheep. Skilled handlers will be presenting them to a group of judges and the crowds, which in itself, is a sight to be seen.

Shearing and Farrier Competitions

The sheep shearing competitions are an impressive demonstration of speed and power. Sheep need shearing every May and all must be done by hand, this takes a lot of skill and hard work, at the Devon County Show, shearers get the opportunity to display their talent. Equally as impressive, are the farrier competitions, from trimming, changing shoes, to the overall hoof care; the competition displays the workmanship and talent needed.

Food and Drink Pavilion

A range of appetising and scrumptious locally sourced food is available at the Devon County Show. A huge selection of small businesses come together, producers of cheese, meats, creams, alcohol, vegetables and more. The best part is you can try the delicious foods, before you buy!

The Devon County Show is a celebration of some of the best things to be produced, grown, raised and created in the area. There are a range of fantastic sights to be seen over the three days to thrill all who visit.

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