6 Cleaning Tips For Your Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters can collect dust and dirt, so it is essential to try and keep them clean. Having a clean scooter not only makes it more pleasant to use, but it can also help with the ease of movement. Some stubborn substances can restrict the ability to use the scooter; for example, buttons can get stuck.

Kitchen roll and cleaning product

1. Dust Exposed Areas

Use a dust cloth and gently brush down the exposed areas of the mobility scooter. A lot of debris can build-up on a scooter, so just taking a dry and soft cloth to dust it off can work like a charm! You want to avoid using polish because it can damage the paint on the scooter. Just stick to a plain cloth with no product.

2. Remove Stubborn Substances

Mobility scooters are often used every day and can, therefore, collect stubborn and sometimes sticky substances. The best way to remove these marks is to use a liquid glass cleaner! Taking a cloth or some kitchen roll, spray the surface with the cleaning agent and start rubbing it away. Only use this method on areas that do not involve electrics; you don’t want to get anything wet! Another option is to use some cleaning wipes; however, you will need to avoid ones containing bleach as this could damage the paintwork on the mobility scooter.

3. Don’t Try and Rush It

If you don’t have the time to clean your mobility scooter, but it requires a freshen up, do avoid using a hose to wash it down. Using a hose gives you minimal control of where the water is going, and it can therefore potentially reach electrical areas and can cause damage. Water damage can lead to requiring replacements for specific parts and thus shorten the lifespan of your mobility scooter. Furthermore, using a hose can leave streaks on your scooter from where it dries, so take the time to make it look good; Don’t try and use a short cut.

4. Clean the Tyres

Tyres can build up with dirt and debris, especially on all-terrain mobility scooters, because you can travel on muddier and rougher surfaces. As you will be able to go on terrains such as the beach, you should expect to find sand, and small pebbles build up in your tyres. Even if you don’t visit places with rough terrains, you can still get a build-up of hair, dirt and dust. The best way to remove the build-up is to use your hands; any sharp or pointy tool could potentially slip and puncture the tyre, so avoid doing this. If some dirt is rather stubborn, use a damp cloth and scrub it away. We recommend not using any cleaning product on the tyres because they can make the wheel oily and greasy; this can lead to the mobility scooter becoming unbalanced and dangerous.

5. Avoid Using Wax

It can be very tempting to use wax on your mobility scooter to get it looking shiny and gleaming; however, the wax can actually damage the paintwork. Instead, to achieve a lovely polished look, use a plain and dry cloth and start buffing; this will keep your scooter glowing!

6. Protect Your Mobility Scooter

Once you have cleaned your scooter, give it the best chance to stay as clean as possible by using a cover. Covering it when it isn’t in use helps avoid any dirt build-up, but also any weather damage. If your scooter is left outside, rainfall can potentially lead to your scooter rusting in places. Having a cover will keep your mobility scooter protected.

We hope these tips have helped you to take care of your mobility scooter. If you have mobility issues that can prevent you from bending down, it is best to ask for help. Whether it is a family member, friend or neighbour, ask if someone can help you clean your scooter. Do not try and do it yourself if you are unassisted!

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